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a beauty & wellness movement empowering women to successfully earn residual income from their smartphones

I joined as an unemployed 24 years old a

Hi, I'm Stephanie Nativita

Here's my story...

Hey y’all! I’m Stephanie Nativita and I’m an author, self-love & success coach and mental health clinical therapist who empowers busy girls to win and love the woman within!

I launched my BGW success team when I was in a tough situation. I was a post grad student with a newly acquired Master's degree in counseling and I found myself unemployed. I had acclimated tons of debt from my graduate program, and I worried about how I would afford my rent. An opportunity came across my lap in divine timing and out of faith, I partnered with a reputable Fortune 500 health & wellness company and launched my own business as a brand ambassador.


My checks were small at first as expected with any new business. With my first paycheck, I paid some of my car insurance and with my second, I paid for gas and groceries. But I kept pushing and 5 months later, I earned my first of several 4 figure checks including a $12k in bonuses over time. Since 2015, because of this freedom, I have successfully supplemented my income every month for the past 4 years. I created an emergency fund, I paid down and continue to pay off debt, I prioritize hair, skin, and personal care, I book flights to travel to see loved ones, and I have a roadmap to plan for a better future, one that includes going completely debt free.


I've trained over 100+ women to do the same. BGW is expanding and impacting more women to supplement their income. If you could use an extra stream of income, click learn more and fill out my application!

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